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Hay Folks There Is latest News About Zeekrewards From our zeek mangament Side you can see your self and be calm down and support our familay members dnt get harsh on them that are not scamers and they did not get our money steal our money has been locked by Usa A.J Roy Cooper i Do not know why A.J Cooper Not Investigation Positively His Investigation Going on Against Our Zeek Because he knows zeek Growing day by Day He knew Well after Some times zeek will be popular World wide its means in the Feature Every one Will make Money From the home you can check the latest Update About our Management site go below link if Thay were Doing Scam with us so he will Never gives us latest Update its up to you think about positive or negative our zeek i knew they are silent but there will be the some Important reason It could be possible A.J cooper banded zeek you can not Attend Any press conference i do not have any idea whats going on But i am with zeekrewards i was doing work with zeek i did not cash out any penny i have to lost my money that i will not say its lost its under in investigation So be happy Stop crying And think positive here is the latest updates about Our zeek go the site and See the twitter link.